Eastern Bobcat

Scientific name:

Lynx rufus rufus

The eastern bobcat is populated through most of Vermont yet they are rarely seen by humans. The reason it is not often seen is because they are most active at dawn and dusk when most people are either still sleeping or in their houses. The bobcats are pretty small weighing about twenty to thirty pounds and the males are usually bigger than the females. They are brown in color with black spots throughout the body. The underside of the tail is white with black rings on top. Bobcats eat a variety of things such as mice, vole, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, snowshoe hares, cottontail rabbits, birds, and deer. The eastern bobcat lives in a variety of habitats including forests, swamps, and partially forested mountain areas. Particularly in the northeast, rocky ledges are important features to its habitat, as matting and den building usually occurs around this area.

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